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OKIPASYON: Joyce Ip, Jason Metcalf & Roberto Peyre


OKIPASYON is a short film (currently in post-production) that was shot during and as a project of the Second Ghetto Biennale in Port-au-Prince, Haiti in December 2011. The piece is a collaboration between Joyce Ip, Roberto Peyre, and Jason Metcalf.

The film investigates the notion of "occupation" in relation to contemporary Haitian life, and was born out of a dialogue surrounding the global Occupy movement.

The film reveals that in Haiti, the term "okipasyon" is multiplicitous in meaning and includes - although is not limited to - the occupation of hundreds of thousands of Haitians in tents throughout Port-au-Prince and around the country, the past and present occupation of foreign military forces, occupation (or lack thereof) of a job, occupation in terms of Vodou Lwa spirit possession, and occupation of the grave by hundreds of thousands who lost their lives in the earthquake, among others.




































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