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Tracey Moberly


Haiti 2011

I worked on four projects for the Haiti Ghetto Biennale 2 – 2011. Firstly, I orchestrated one in a series of my socio-political tea parties. The Haiti Tea Party is part of a current project and a section within an up-coming new book.

The Haiti Tea party took place in an empty swimming pool in a building that had been half affected by the 2010 Earthquake. It was located in a hotel opposite the 'Tent City' camp in Port-Au-Prince, where two years on the people who lost everything in the earthquake are still housed. There are over 500,000 people living in these makeshift refugee camps across Haiti and they have become a breeding ground for disease and violence especially against women and girls. The front part of the hotel hadn't been built in an anti-seismic way and had been shaved off from the building - the newer anti-seismic built exterior section which still stood proud, housed the large empty swimming pool.

An open invite was issued to visiting and local Ghetto Biennale artists and the socio-political thought and feelings in that specific location at that time was debated, documented and detailed. It consisted of a performance, which was filmed and photographed and the production of a large canvas which covered the table around which the Haiti Tea Party took place. The canvas was sketched out by the Haiti Tea Party participants. The large canvas is part of a series of 10 from locations around the world which will include: Boston, USA; Malaga, Spain; Port-Au-Prince, Haiti; Belfast, U.K.; Jinja, Uganda; Port of Spain, Trinidad and others to be confirmed. The series will be exhibited 2014-2015.

Part two of my projects for the Haiti Ghetto Biennale 2 – 2011 I collected and organised the next three pieces of work for my long term project vodou flag maker Marie Ketty Paul who had been working on three of my designs for the Haitian section of an exhibition titled 'Text-Me-Up- Sex-Drugs & Rock'n'Roll', this is a section of work which I'm working on with Ketty over a five year period. There is a detailed section of this in my new book Text-Me-Up! which the first selection of work from this project can be seen.

Part three consisted of the documentation and photography of '25 Paintings' a project by my friend and fellow collaborator Bill Drummond for his Haiti based project which grew out of the first Ghetto Biennale.

Part four consisted of a documentary photography portfolio which I am first exhibiting at The Autonomy Club at Freedom Bookshop, Angel Alley 84b Whitechapel High Street, London E1 7QX on 5th April - 3rd June 2012. Facebook group: Haiti Re-Visited Photography Exhibition.

Two double page features with detailed photography for the Freedom Press, February and March 2012 editions.

LINK TO: February edition

LINK TO: March edition

A double page feature for the May edition of Dazed & Confused Magazine has been written and illustrated on Haiti and the Ghetto Biennale 2012.


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